The leash that never drags and never tangles.  It transforms your walk and it needs your help.


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Jacob Karasch


What's going on around here?

Over the last year we've had a great response from customers and we're convinced that Scrunchie Leashes could improve even more walks! To do that, we are going to need to take the manufacturing out of our houses and put it in the hands of professionals.  

We are going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to start the production of Scrunchie Leash.  That $10,000 will purchase sewing machines with attachments, tooling and materials to do our first production run at a manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, NM.  It's important to us that the leashes be made in the USA and that we improve on the quality that our customers are already excited about.  

In order to be successful in our campaign, we are going to need YOUR help!  Here are some of our needs.


  • Bloggers - It is pretty well known (I'm told) that blogs are the best source of traffic for kickstarter campaigns.  If you blog or if you know a blogger who may be willing to do a post on Scrunchie Leash, please contact me!
  • Media - Do you know anybody in newspaper or television that may be interested in doing a story on us?  If so, please contact me!
  • Marketing - If you know anybody who thinks they can help us drive traffic to the campaign, please contact me!
  • Kickstarter Experience - If you know anybody who has experience with crowdfunding or community organizing that would be willing to help, please contact me!
  • People - If you know people (family, friends, coworkers... I'm sure you know SOMEBODY), then I need YOU to help us out by spreading the word.  Please put your name and email address in the "Stay in the loop" signup box above and I'll let you know when the campaign launches.

Thank you for your support!

 - Jacob

Hand-made Scrunchie Leash


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